AHE Ventilation Solutions

AHE Ventilation - A Member of JL Group

Established in Singapore since 2003, AHE Ventilation is owned by JL Group, headquarter in Singapore. AHE serves the marine shipbuilding, repairs and offshore industries and commercial projects by providing ventilation equipment and systems. We manufacture a wide spectrum of fan products, ranging from small domestic fans to large centrifugal / axial units for all applications.

AHE can offer ventilation system for any HVAC project onboard a yatch, PSVs, liftboat, vessels, jack-up rigs, semi-submersible drilling or offshore platform. We have supplied mechanical ventilation systems to various shipyards: KeppeL FELS, DDW-PaxOcean, Jurong Shipyard, ASL Shipyard, Samsung Heavy Industries, ONGC, CIMC Raffles Shipyard and many other shipbuilders and shipyards around the world.

Delivering The Power of Ventilation

AHE fully adjustable pitch fans are available in a full range of metric sizes from 250mm diameter up to 2000mm diameter. The wide range of diameters, blade configurations, pitch angles and motors speeds, allow accurate selection of the fan to match the specific duty.

Pitch angle adjustment can be readily carried out on site allowing the fan performance to be modified to the final system resistance.

The standard range of axial fans cover most applications, specific designed casings and mountings are available. Casings are manufactured from mild steel, galvanized sheet, hot dipped galvanized or epoxy painted after manufacturing.

Adjustable Pitch Axial Fans


Casings shall be of mild steel, galvanized sheet, hot dipped galvanized or epoxy painted after manufacture. The long cased type enclosed completely both impeller and motor. This arrangement a weatherproof welded junction box is standard. The short casing type encloses the impeller only and electrical connection are made directly to the motor terminal box. Both casings incorporate foot mount motor as standard. All casings are hot dipped galvanized or epoxy painted. Alternative paint finishes are available upon request.


The AHE adjustable pitch range of impellers are manufactured from high pressure die cast aluminums from WingFan of Germany. The pitch angle range is from 20 to 50 degrees. To obtain optimum performance the impellers are fitted with different solidity and this allows selection at pick efficient. Other blade’s material eg. Glassfibre or Carbonfibre(anti-static) reinforced polyamide are also available. Custom made solution of more than 50 configuration is in the range of offer.


Standard motors are of the TEFC type to class F insulation, with class B temperature rise and the enclosure are to IP55 as standard. Other motor type eg. Flameproof or 2 speed are available upon request. On Smoke Extract Application, special motor to class H insulation and made to operate for 2 hours up to 250°C can be manufactured.

AHE-D Series Axial Flow Fan

AHE-D Long Case
  • More than 18 fan sizes, up to 2000mm
  • Airflow more than 250,000 m3/hr
  • Pressure to 16000Pa
  • Adjustable pitch aerofoil impeller
  • Aluminum or Polyamide blade materials
  • Heavy gauge mild steel casing
  • Tested in accordance to AMCA 210/85
  • Fan options include Bifurcated, 2 Stage Contra-rotating, 2 speed and fans for hazardous area.

Extensive Range of Products

As a complete one-stop ventilation solutions provider, we also carry an extensive range of other ventilation products for marine, offshore and onshore applications.

Centrifugal Fans
(for HVAC)
In-line Centrifugal Fans
Circular Silencers
SS 316L Casing and Impellers
Swing-out Casings
Pneumatic Drive Fans