Product Capability

JL Group experience in engineering design, manufacturing of HVAC equipment, especially providing the best solutions to a wide range of Offshore and Marine industries, including Jack up Rig, Semi – submersible drilling Platform, Lift Boat, Bulk Carrier, Accommodation Barges, ROV support vessel and platform support vessel….

Our major product


The Air Handling Units on board vessels supply certain amounts of fresh air and mix them with the return air before treating it, cooling down or heating up to the desired temperature before distributing to the various cabins/rooms via ductworks.


Condensing Units

JL Marine's Condensing Units use compressors of world-renowned brands such as, Carrier, Bitzer and Bock, coupled with ABB or Teco motors

JL Marine's Condensers comprise of either semi-seal or open type compressor. They operate either seawater, fresh water cooled shell and tube and tube construction or remote air cooled.

Chiller Plants

The Chill Water units are compact units which supply low temperature chill water to the air handling units for cooling down air which will be treated.

JL Marine produces sea water, fresh water and air-cooled chiller plants or custom-built units with remote condensers.

Packaged Units

The Packaged Units are self-contained air conditioning units with all components fully installed and factory assembled.

JL Marine produces a comprehensive range of sea water, fresh water, air-cooled units as well as tailor-made units to meet owners' requirements.

Ventilation Units

Mechanical fans are essential for ventilating machinery spaces and maintaining acceptable working conditions for personnel and installed equipment in the compartments.

JL Marine supplies various ventilation equipment like axial, centrifugal, smallcentrifugal, in-line fans to meet various ventilation requirements.

Deck Units

The deck Units are compact Air Conditioning Plants where the Condensing Unit and Air Handling Unit are Combined on a common skid.

JL Marine's deck Units are factory-tested. Expansion valves can be factory-set and fine-tuned for optimum operating conditions. This reduces much installation work on-site.

Fire Dampers

JL Marine ensures the safety of vessels meeting the Class requirments by supplying various types of Class Approved Fire Dampers.

JL Marine supplies various types of Class Type Approved Fire Dampers of Manual Operated Type with fusible link melting at -74 degrees celsius. Fire dampers can also be of electronically or pneumatic operated type depending on the vessel's requirement.


JL Marine is capable of supplying the complete range of accessories for the AC and mechanical ventilation ducting systems.